If it isn’t those pesky slimeballs from San Francisco. It was always going to be San Francisco. Mike McCarthy let the game slip through his hands like a greased watermelon. The 49ers were blessed to face an undisciplined Dallas team that kept shooting itself in the foot which was a tradition of McCarthy’s playoff teams in the past. On this balmy divisional weekend, San Francisco shouldn’t be expecting any tasty treats.

Green Bay activated a host of stars back for the showdown between bitter rivals on the glorious frozen tundra. With the return of Za’darius Smith and Jaire Alexander, San Francisco is left out in the cold. No amount of practice at the traitorous Bay Port High School will be sufficient acclimation for the California visitors. Single digit temperatures begin to sink in after nightfall only making things worse for Jimmy G’s questionable throwing ability in addition to his ailing thumb and shoulder. Saturday’s forecast ensures San Francisco attempts to use multiple runners and short passes to move the offense. San Francisco has their own wrinkle with the versatility of Deebo Samuel.

Last time we saw these jokers in the playoffs they ran down our throats and embarrassed the Packers defense without even needing to throw the ball. Green Bay has shown a vulnerability to the rushing attack throughout this campaign and its time to decide if we’re thumpers capable of setting the tone early. Matt LaFleur is blessed with football intelligence and knows the value of the home crowd as he requests fans only sell to other Packers fans. Don’t forget to stand up once in awhile too otherwise your ass freezes to the bleachers. Rumor has it


Aaron Rodgers & Davante Adams

Aaron Rodgers and the San Francisco 49ers, omg what could’ve been. It wasn’t and it isn’t so here we are nearly two decades later still bringing up his connection to the team. Aaron’s struggled in the playoffs against the 49ers going 0-3 with two of those devastating losses coming under the California sun. He won his last two regular season meetings after the disappointing performance where they lost 37-20 in the NFC Championship game. Rodgers threw for 326 yards in that game although two out of character INTs stained the day. He threw for 305 yards and 4 TDs in the following year and 261 yards and 2 TDs in the week 3 meeting this season with both games resulting in zero interceptions.

Rodgers has been dialed in of late, he has thrown for 2+ touchdowns and zero INTs every single week since the lackluster week 10 win over Seattle. Rodgers benefits from the return of security blanket Randall Cobb who will be critical in converting big downs. The return of Cobb opens up Rodgers options involving Lazard, Deguara and the Big Dog himself, Marcedes Lewis.

Davante Adams has a tall ask to slip past the pesky San Francisco secondary which has shut down offenses although when facing a superstar, they have faltered. Their secondary gave up 2 TDs to Adam Thielen and Jamarr Chase followed by allowing AJ Brown to snag 11 for 145 yards and a score while finishing week 18 with a gut punching 118 yards and a score from Cooper Kupp. Those are just the quality performances since week 12. Doesn’t sound like a defense that’s ready to face the Green Bay offense which has the benefit of two quality RBs to go with the best QB/WR combo in the league. Davante has feasted on the 49ers despite the team struggles. Adams has accumulated 130 yards in all 3 of his latest meetings and doesn’t look to slow down Saturday.

Aaron Rodgers throws for 245 yards and 3 TDs

Aaron Rodgers props: 264.5 yards and 2 TDs.

Davante Adams grabs 9 catches for 110 yards and 1 TD

Davante props for 7.5 catches for 94.5 yards

Aaron Jones/AJ Dillon

AJ Dillon is a lock to get short yardage work especially where he has shown tremendous success in cold weather. Aaron Jones however is a bit unknown since he hasn’t played significant work since Week 16 against the Vikings going 8 carries for 76 yards while hauling in 5 catches for 30 yards. San Francisco allowed Aaron Jones to rush for 82 yards and a score in the Week 3 matchup while AJ Dillon settled for 6 carries for 18 yards. AJ Dillon hurts quite a bit more when the chilly Lambeau night sneaks into your bones. Talent wont be enough to secure an elite outcome as the 49ers have stymied opposing running backs all year. As a team, they have only allowed 100 rushing yards a measly 4 times with one of those occurrences being the Packers. Another concerning number is the 49ers have stopped opposing rushers from scoring of late, allowing only 1 rushing TD over the last 6 games. For those that were fortunate enough to score against San Francisco, only two teams had multiple rushing TDs. All signs point to the Packers rushing attack to struggle although all those daunting stats mean nothing on Saturday. Green Bay has a QB that is a threat that is regrettable to ignore which opens rushing lanes that most teams cannot afford to.

Aaron Jones scampers for 70 yards with 3 catches for 20 receiving yards and a TD

Aaron Jones props: 12.5 carries for rushing yards and 3.5 catches for 23.5 receiving yards

AJ Dillon makes the most of 65 yards 2 TD

AJ Dillon props: 9.5 carries for rushing yards and 1.5 catches for 8.5 receiving yards



2. Frozen Beers


Kyle Shanahan as an underdog has shown to be quite pesky and the familiarity of these two teams makes for an intriguing strategic matchup. As a six-point favorite, the Packers seem to be undervalued with the return of Jaire Alexander and Za’Darius Smith. Green Bay does have a reputation for struggling in the postseason regardless of whoever can be scapegoated. In the first matchup, Green Bay nearly surrendered a 17-0 lead while narrowly escaping with the win on the road. This time around the Green Bay plays host to San Francisco with everything on the line; the season, the hopes of many and legacy of legends. Be grateful we are fortunate to watch masters work the hallowed field and do so in the green and gold just as they should be grateful to don those iconic colors in a stadium atmosphere built by hardened men and women. The dreams of Lambeau faithful don’t end Saturday as the rested #1 seed puts down the overconfident visitors. Green Bay comes out hot in the frigid night and secures the win.

Green Bay punishes early and often controlling the night with a 38-17 win.