The Pack ultimately fell short of their second table-running in two seasons. The return of Rodgers, which was the last time I gave out game balls, was not enough, as the Packers fell to the Panthers, Vikings, and Lions, in that order, ending their season with a 7-9 record. There were some obvious standouts this season, and those people are going to get their season game balls at the end of this article. For now, I will cover the Vikings and Lions games to get the totals right.

vs. Vikings

Kenny Clark – Clark showed up this game again, putting another 2 sacks to his name. Him and Mike Daniels are looking to be a scary DL combo for the future.

Michael Clark – The Packers’ newest WR, a tall, lanky, long armed, undrafted rookie, didn’t do well in the stats category, but made a nice catch. This game was THAT bad that I literally just gave somebody a game ball for having a nice catch.

Blake Martinez – Consistency. 6 tackles. Every defensive snap played. This man is a consistent AJ Hawk. (And the only non-Clark here)

@ Lions

Randall Cobb – Cobb caught a TD in this game, tallying 45 yards receiving on 4 catches and also posting a 108.3 QBR on his 1 pass for 10 yards.

Jamaal Williams РWilliams is a hard runner that can just bully any defensive player that tries to make a tackle on him. He had 82 yards rushing this game along with 31 yards receiving. Williams and Jones will be a powerful combo, with Williams bringing the grit and then Jones to beat them while they are tired. The Packers have a bright future at RB.


Game Ball Totals

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Davante Adams: 3.5

Blake Martinez: 3

Jamaal Williams: 3

Brett Hundley: 2.5

Kenny Clark: 2

Clay Matthews: 2


Aaron Jones: 2

Damarious Randall: 1.5

Randall Cobb: 1

Michael Clark: 1

Aaron Rodgers: 1

David Bakhtiari: 1

Dean Lowry: 1

Brian Bulaga: 1

Nick Perry: 1

Ha Ha Clinton Dix: 1

Mike Daniels: 1

Packers D: 1

Davon House: 0.5

And our winners are:

Davante Adams

Even without AR12, Adams found ways to shine, battling concussions. Davante Adams also has a new contract, so he is locked up in the green and gold for the next few years, and I personally believe it is very well deserved. Adams is one of my favorite players on the team and his season numbers, even for missing 2 games, are extremely impressive.

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For the year, Adams totaled 74 catches, 885 yards, with 10 TDs. With a threat like Adams more than likely being WR1 next season, the Packers have huge potential in their offense, especially with the return of former OC Joe Philbin. One of the best WRs in the league (in my opinion) will get a game ball for the 2017-18 season.


Blake Martinez

Finally, a consistent defensive player – something the Packer defense has been lacking for a few years now. Martinez, the sophomore LB, had himself a year as well, although the defense was pretty terrible all around. He looks like a player that the Packers are going to want to keep due to his tackling ability as well as leadership, calling the plays for the defense.

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On the year, Martinez had 1 INT, 1 FF, 8 deflected passes, 1 sack, and 94 tackles, playing in all 16 games. Like I said before, I believe Martinez has the potential to be a better AJ Hawk for the Pack. With only a bright future ahead, Martinez gets a 2017-18 season game ball.

See you next season Packers fans, Go Pack Go!