The 2019 season has officially begun as the Packers got to work this morning at the first training camp practice of the season. Training camp has always been one of my favorite parts of the season. Everything is new and fresh. Every team in the league is 0-0 with a shot at the Lombardi Trophy. Players compete for a spot on the roster and battle it out for positions on the depth chart.

While I wasn’t in Green Bay to witness practice, I followed the action today from a lot of fans and writers. Most people tend to have the same takes, so I’ll digest the news of today’s practice and put my own thoughts on it.

It was clear today from what I’ve read that the defense was the winner. This shouldn’t be a huge shock, as a new offense is being installed from Matt LaFleur. Installing a new scheme takes time and patience from both the players and coaches. The key for the offense right now is repetition. This is the time to nail down the fundamentals of the offense and get things down as far as timing and execution.

It was reported that Kevin King came to practice healthy today and got reps with the first-team defense. I put out a tweet a few days ago and asked fans what their thoughts were about Kevin King and if he will fit in well with this defense. The response was mainly the same from everyone, saying that if healthy, he could contribute greatly to the defensive backfield.

With the loss of Mike Daniels, I saw that the base package defensive line consisted of Dean Lowry, Kenny Clark, and Montravius Adams. It will be interesting to see how this unit looks throughout camp and throughout the season. Mike Daniels will leave an absence at the 3 tech position, so it will be up to Lowry to fill in and do well. Both Daniels and Lowry played primarily in the 3 tech (outside shade of the guard) so I have no doubt that he will jump in and do well.

Keep an eye out on the wide receiver position. This is one position that usually has a lot of depth during camp. Players can emerge out of nowhere as we saw from Jake Kumerow last season. I’m particularly excited to see how they do in LaFleur’s short passing attack.

The tempo was a big focus point of today’s practice. Coaches love to see their players sprinting from drill to drill. It sets the mindset for the whole practice and season.

The team ended the practice today with a scrimmage. The offense had several shots at the end zone but the defense came away the winner. I don’t take a whole lot away from this because the team was not in pads. That takes a lot of the physicality away from it and in turn, eliminates the threat of the run. It’s always good to let wide receivers and defensive backs get at it but again, things change once the pads go on.

The Packers hit the practice field again tomorrow at 10:15 central.

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