Free Agency is coming up fast and the Packers are in a position to make a couple moves if they so desire. The defense is definitely the main focus this year, once again, but they could use some guys on the offense as you could argue the Packers have significant needs at right tackle, right guard, tight end, wide receiver, and back up quarterback. The list below wouldn’t address all of those needs, but would help Mike McCarthy and new(ish) offensive coordinator Joe Philbin turn the offense back into the juggernaut it once was.

Nate Solder – OT – New England Patriots

Solder has been rumored to be ready to walk away from football after dealing with injuries and family emergencies. Solder returning to the Patriots this offseason is more likely than him going to the Packers, but he could be a fit at right tackle. Solder is a two-time Super Bowl winner, and has been described as ”one of the most gifted Tackles in the NFL” according to Mike Maycock of the NFL Network. Signing Solder would definitely be a steal as an incoming free agent, as well as a great addition to the line as a player. He’d also make a great mentor for guys like Kyle Murphy and Jason Spriggs.

Jimmy Graham – TE – Seattle Seahawks

Jimmy Grahams tenure with Seattle is coming to a end this offseason, and several teams will likely be ready to take advantage of that. The Packers desperately need a tight end who can stretch the field and draw attention in the middle of the field. The Packers lost Martellus Bennett in 2017 and Jared Cook previously in 2016, failing to fill a void left empty since Jermichael Finley suffered a career ending injury in 2013. Graham in 2017 recorded 10 Touchdowns and 57 receptions for 520 yards. He might not be as versatile as he was with New Orleans but he’s still a great player and would be a fantastic addition to the 2018 Green Bay Packers.

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Andre Smith – OT – Cincinnati Bengals

Smith might be 31 but he’s still proving to be one of the top offensive lineman in the NFL. Smith has been in the league since 2009 when he was drafted by the Bengals, and he’s played a big role in that O-Line, and as a leader on the offense. In 2012 Smith, helped BenJarvus Green-Ellis rank first in the league in 3rd & 1 conversions with a 93.3 percent success rate. Signing Smith would indeed be a positive move by the Packers front office as Smith has a lot of experience under his belt which could really help this young O-line.

Sammy Watkins – WR – Los Angeles Rams

Drafted in 2014 by the Buffalo Bills, Watkins has already set records. Watkins in 2014 finished the season with (65) receptions and (982) receiving yards, which was a rookie record. Watkins rediscovered his form after being traded to the Rams last year. His ability to get open is top-tier, his top end speed is fantastic, and overall route running is top-notch. If signed by the Packers, expect an amazing combination with Rodgers to Watkins as that duo could set the NFL on fire.

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Jordan Matthews – WR – Buffalo Bills

Since being drafted in 2014 by the Eagles Matthews has racked 20 touchdowns, 2,955 yards, and 250 receptions for his career statistics. Matthews hasn’t really played behind a great quarterback his entire career, so with Rodgers behind him we could see a gifted athlete like Matthews explode and give Rodgers a cheap, gifted option at wide receiver.

Are there any offensive free agents you would like to see in Green Bay next season?