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Position: Wide Receiver

School: Memphis

Height: 5′ 11″

Weight: 201 lbs



40 Time: 4.46 – 4.52 (Pro Day unofficial range of results)

Cone Drill: N/A

Vertical: 39 in (Pro Day)

225′ Reps: 22



Miller is an outstanding player who many consider to be the strongest receiver prospect in this years draft. He’s a very versatile receiver who can beat people deep with his ability to get off the ball when lined up outside and has exceptional route running skills to get open in the slot. He has supreme body control and can use his hands subtly enough to not get called and effectively enough to help him get open. Though he stands only 5’11”, he plays as though he’s much taller. He always seems to have a chip on his shoulder during games. Miller is constantly fighting for extra yards and uses his short stature well to evade defenders.

Miller has outstanding hand-eye coordination and can track a ball down from anywhere on the field, use his body to get in position, and make the catch. He is also very well suited for the NFL. His instinct for getting both feet down and dragging his toes across the turf is perfect for his transition to the pro game. Furthermore, he uses his upper body rather than his legs to get in position to make a catch along the sideline. This way, his feet never leave the ground and he’s more likely to come down with the ball in-bounds.


Miller’s weaknesses are few and far between. He’s so versatile that you can’t even point to an inability to play the slot or out wide as a weakness because he can do both so well. If there’s anything you can point to as a weakness, it is his durability and his ball security. He suffered a foot injury that caused him to miss both the Senior Bowl and all of the on-field drills at the combine. Though durability could be an issue, his main weakness is simply his hands. In college, he was known to drop balls and lose concentration on what should’ve been easy completions. He also would often double catch balls and although he had few drops at his pro day, he did have quite a few balls that should’ve been caught cleanly that he struggled to bring in.

How He Fits

The Packers are in need of a dynamic receiver that can play both outside and the slot. His penchant for bringing down balls is second-to-none, something the Packers need. Green Bay needs someone to play opposite Davante Adams, and Geronimo Allison hasn’t done enough to prove that he’s the answer there. There are a plethora of young receivers who have yet to prove themselves, but throwing Miller in the mix would give Green Bay more of a security blanket at the #3 wideout position. As Davante Adams could attest, problems with dropping balls can be fixed and shouldn’t be a problem for Miller given the proper coaching.


Early-to-Mid 2nd Round.

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