Could the 7th year slot receiver could be the missing piece the Green Bay Packers offense needs to make a playoff run? He absolutely could be! Now think that a player that was signed on October 16th of 2019, hasn’t been on the active roster yet, could be considered a missing piece.  but when you look at it at the surface a true slot receiver is what has been holding this offense back from being consistent. 

It’s fair to wonder who exactly is Ryan Grant?  More importantly how can he be a missing piece in an offense led by two time MVP quarterback?  I’ll start by telling you his best year was 2017 where he played in Washington with Kirk Cousins. Although he was productive he was often injured. Grand did manage however to put up decent numbers when he was on the field. As a Redskin in 2017 Grant tallied 45 catches for 573 yards and 40 touchdowns with a 12.7 yards per reception average

You may be wondering how in the heck Ryan Grant is supposed to help this team complete it’s offense? The answer is simple. At 6-foot 195 lb Grant’s pure slot ability & quick-twitch playing style, offers a complete different and unique set of skills. That’s a contrast to the other wide receivers.  Grants familiarity with the Shanahan offense Makes him a sleeper candidate for a hidden weapon.  Matt Lafleur is familiar with Grant because he was on the staff with Grant in Washington. Coming off the bye week it is completely feasible to believe they have been working Grant into the system slowly. getting him ready for the stretch run going into the playoffs.

Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay offense have had a few games where the offense has clicked. On the other hand it’s always looked as if they’re missing something. I will tell you it’s the lack of a pure slot receiver. Over the last 10 -15 years the slot receiver has become more and more of the Cog that makes the offensive go. After letting Randall Cobb walk in the offseason the Packers have struggled to find an adequate replacement that can not only stay healthy but be productive game in and game out.

The answer: has been on the roster since the October 16th. Yes it’s Ryan Grant.The recent Trends would suggest that playoff teams with the Late bye, come out and debut something new with their offense and defense. The popular tactic not only changes up the film, but gives them an advantage going into the playoffs.

Grant’s skill set and ability to play in the slot and also on the outside, gives Rogers another reliable weapon in the short to intermediate route tree. This gives him the ability to take what the defense gives him and convert third Downs at a larger more consistent rate. It’s not silly to suggest that a guy that hasn’t played in his never been Ultra productive in the league, could possibly be all the things I’ve suggested thus far. What I’m suggesting though is that a young first-year head coach has had a plan all along and has had players he feels can execute that plan. There’s not a better time in this season to debut a new wrinkle with a player, Mind you that has not been on the field coming off bye, for the most important game thus far this season!

So on Sunday night when you’re sitting at home enjoying the Packer game, if he is active, pay close attention to number 11 Ryan Grant and how he affects the game!