The Green Bay Packers now 8-3. Come away from a devastating Sunday night Loss in San Francisco to the now 10-1 49ers. Displaying the same deficiencies that have plagued this team going back to the Mike McCarthy era!

I’ll start by saying I like the new Young coach Matt Lafleur, I still believe in what he is building and what he has accomplished thus far with this team. That being said, I cannot, and will not ignore the glaring issues this team continues to display offensively from the previous coaching regime.The 2019 Green Bay Packers under Aaron Rodgers continue to have issues showing up for big games versus the upper echelon teams.

The only difference in 2019 that jumps out at me game in and game out is that this defense gives more than ample opportunities and time for a offense led by Aaron Rodgers to figure things out. Even after slow or rough starts. I do believe these Packers have more than adequate Talent to beat these teams.

It is evident, through the evidence. Which is quite a large sample size of games. Going back to 2014 there are plenty of examples, where a lot of the  star/core players, need to learn how to buckle up the bootstraps and get in there and get dirty and nasty. 

That starts with the mindset that has to be  distributed first and foremost by the quarterback!

There is a common theme in the losses I’m talking about.

 It is not necessarily the defense especially when you take the 2019 season into account. I’m talking about the offense under Aaron Rodgers who is the constant on the team. Aaron Rodgers and the Packers offense under his guidance have had issues for years facing the good, to Elite defensive units in the NFL. Games of 200 yards passing or worse. 4+ sacks, little to no run game and poor effort by other key players, in key moments!

 What I’m talking about isn’t just purely execution of plays Down in and Down out on the field. It is an attitude, a mindset that I feel is common when you’re watching the games as a fan or Analyst at home.It’s being down by 23 points with nine minutes left in the third quarter and continuously being lackadaisical.

 What I mean is, with a 40-second play clock continuously taking 30 seconds plus to get the play called. Proceeding to not snap the ball until there’s 3 or less seconds left, with the clock running. It subsequently taking a 3-yard check down two-and-a-half to three seconds into the play, after Being sluggish in and out of the Huddle when you’re still down by three or more scores.

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It’s a complete lack of urgency. I’m not talking about Panic, I’m talking about urgency a feel that there is no time to be wasted. No opportunity to be squander. The time is now! We have to have it every play, because every down becomes a  “Gotta Have It moment!” This issue that pops up year in and year out. It continues to be the reason why the previous quarterback Brett Favre is endeared still to this day by many  die hard Packer fans. In games like these, Favre’s unwillingness to ever say die in a game and his downright discard for the stat sheet. He put himself in this” screw it” “ what do I have to lose” mentality. Yes, he did throw a lot of interceptions. Games like this one are why the fans loved him, and hold those memories of him so fondly. When you knew as a fan they were going to lose anyway, but with Brett Favre and his ability to just throw caution to the wind and chuck the ball down the field.

You always felt Favre gave the team a chance to come back. It felt as though when he played that way, it was contagious to his teammates. The effort was amplified tenfold by all the players around him. Yes I do recall they still lost a lot of those games. What I’m saying here is, it was still entertaining and why fans endure him and are so fond of him. They hold those memories so close from those 16 years he was around. 

 I am not saying that Aaron Rodgers isn’t good enough, or isn’t capable of bringing a team back, or defeating a good two Elite defensive team. I have always, and still believe Aaron Rodgers has all the qualifications, tools and qualities, to qualify him as a G.O.A.T. candidate. But all of the great’s regardless still have flaws! I truly believe the keys to fixing the offensive issues that I’m speaking of, can be fixed by the future Hall of Fame two-time MVP quarterback Aaron Rodgers. He has the voice, talent, leadership qualities to do so. It’s up to him to decide how this teams story will end in 2019.  How the Aaron Rodgers era will be viewed is up to, the man wearing the number 12 himself.

 Rodgers must go further than just speaking the buy-in, He must show it always and be the  living embodiment and example in his actions, on and off the field, not only in the good times but more Importantly in the bad ones. To allow this team to fully reach its potential under the new young leader Matt Lafleur, Rodgers has already shown plenty of signs mind you that he is capable of in his partially bought into and is trying to execute most of what I have laid out in this article. but it’s going to take more than just partiality to accomplish what he and this team are expected to do. If this team has any hopes of getting further than the divisional round of the playoffs this season, it must start with Aaron Rodgers fully buying in, letting go of all the statistics and outside noise of how the offense is viewed, and JUST WIN BABY!