I’m a weird Packer fan. My home state hosts the current reigning Super Bowl champs, I have never been to Wisconsin, and I didn’t grow up with football in my house. So I am often questioned on why I’m a Packer fan, and the answer is all too simple for me: the community.

I first became intrigued by the Packers when I found out they were the only team in the NFL not owned by a single person making the big bucks off their wins. The fact that they are owned by their community is my #1 answer to why I am a fan, closely followed by a listing of my favorites on their roster: Clay Matthews, Randall Cobb, Jordy Nelson, Eddie Lacy, and Aaron Rodgers. It is because of this community that I genuinely believe we have the best fan base in the world. Not only do I believe it, but Forbes agrees. In a recent article, a writer for Forbes cited Green Bay Packer fans as the NFL’s best. While I’m not about to change my name to reflect my fandom, I wear my colors often and I wear them with pride, regardless of what state I live in.

Lambeau Field is the oldest stadium in the NFL, and one of the largest. Packer games have been sold out at Lambeau for so long, it’s hard to find record of the last time it didn’t sell out, but the best guess is 1958. That’s 54 years straight of sell out crowds to chant “Go Pack Go”! With more than 100,000 names, we have the longest season ticket waiting list in the NFL.

All of this can be attributed to our 13 league championships and consistent playoff runs; there is no arguing the reach of the Pack. Green Bay is, without competition, the smallest NFL market, but they have one of the largest followings on social media. As someone who is not even remotely local to the team, I feel I speak for all of us when I say it doesn’t make us feel any less a part of the packer family. Packer fans are some of the nicest I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet, and many NFL commentators have agreed on that point.

All of this leads me to my final comment: Being a Packer fan means belonging to the best fandom in the NFL. We are all a bit of a family who bonds over wearing cheese shaped hats and screaming for our men on the field. I know you agree, because you’re reading this on a fan made, fan supported website right now. So even if we never meet, I’ll be right there with you Sunday afternoon, screaming at the SeaPidgeons, and (hopefully) watching our team march into victory one more time.