The first week 18 in NFL history and the Green Bay Packers made it meaningless. After clinching the division and home field advantage in their Week 17 thumping of Minnesota, Green Bay has little incentive to play the starters unless to avoid rust. Starters probably shouldn’t play the entire game. Granted two weeks with no game reps before a necessary momentum run is a debatable strategy.

Super Bowl runs are reliant on getting hot at the right time yet Green Bay needs a health week more than a rhythm win. A fresh Packer offense is unstoppable as week 18 offers a chance for star tackle David Bakhtiari and rookie center Josh Myers to get practice snaps before the dance.

Matt LaFleur has stated that the heathy starters will absolutely play although that leaves everyone in a wonder if they will get the full game. Players have been eager to play and win out to be the first 14-3 team in the new set-up.

Detroit has played spoiler of late going 2-3 in their last five games. Interesting to note, in 9 out of the last 10 trips to Detroit, Green Bay has either lost or narrowly won by one score. Detroit won’t lay down with Motor City Dan as their coach. They will play aggressive football and unfortunately for them Aaron Rodgers is going to play on Sunday.


Aaron Rodgers

QB1 is on a mission to cement his MVP as foolish bums try to encourage others to vote outside of football. Aaron has been a dominating threat despite a makeshift offensive line and loss of key targets in Bobby Tonyan and Randall Cobb. Rodgers is going to light these cats up early enough to see Jordan Love get some valuable time.

Aaron throws for 260 yards and 2 TDs

AJ Dillon

He’s a workhorse back and is the healthier of the two between himself and Aaron Jones. Patrick Taylor has shown good punch in limited duties. If the backups do get in, LaFleur and the staff will want to see how the offense works with a quality running game alongside. AJ Dillon is a mauler.

AJ Rushes for 85 yards and 1 TD

Davante Adams

He’s incapable of being covered. The league will have to triple team him to slow him down. Depending on snaps, he probably won’t reach his high target count as is tradition. He may just do more dirty work with less catches. Where the Packers have been sloppy in Detroit Davante Adams cleans up the mess. In 3 of the last 5 meetings he’s had 115 or more receiving yards. In 3 of 5 he’s also scored. Not much changes Sunday as the Lions are fresh off a 50 burger from the stinky seachickens of Seattle. A seachicken 50 burger. Yuck.

Davante Adams grabs 5 catches for 85 yards and a TD

Allen Lazard

Lazard has balled out of late and Sunday should be no different. If the starters to leave early, Lazard is expected to receive more volume. His run blocking tenacity along with reliable hands guarantees he’s of use throughout the game.

Lazard grabs 7 catches for 125 yards and a TD


Green Bay’s struggles in Detroit concern me very little as the starters are hungry to play. Even if the main guys only make it to halftime the depth on this roster is far superior to the Lions. With most fantasy games not on the line and betting being a true crapshoot wait until a few drives in and livebet if that’s your niche. Despite the unpredictability of the players involved, Green Bay snuffs out Detroit’s hopes and coasts into a much needed week off after the Holidays.

Green Bay 27 Detroit 21

Go Pack Go!