Welcome back to another edition of my Packers Anti Mock Drafts. I am here for the fourth consecutive year, mocking you players that are poison to the pack. These are the players that you should be upset about if taken by Green Bay. The slow wideout, the tight end who cannot block to save his life, the tackle that can’t pass protect, the linebacker who doesn’t cover or defend the run particularly well; this is where you’ll find them!

I still vividly remember being very upset when the Packers drafted Justin Harrell, despite being a child at the time. More recently the same could be said for the likes of Kyri Thorton, Kofi Amichia, and Kyler Fackrell. I had Rashan Gary as an honorable mention for round one in this mock draft last year, but that career hasn’t completely taken shape yet, so I will reserve judgement for now.

I’ll cut out the whole mentioning players who didn’t pan out thing, and get to the mock. Lets go!


Round 1 Pick 30: Ezra Cleveland OT Boise State

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Ezra Cleveland has Jason Spriggs written all over him. He has a high upside due to his athletic ability and prototypical size at 6’6″ 311 pounds. Having potential is great, but tape has to match up with athleticism, Cleveland’s does not. He will have to add some strength/weight to be a successful NFL tackle, much like the aforementioned Jason Spriggs. Because of this, Cleveland will struggle to finish blocks and getting separation from blockers at the next level, much like he did in college.

Boise State is a in the Mountain West Conference, not facing a ton of really talented defenses. When Boise State did face more formidable opponents like Florida State, Oklahoma State & BYU, Cleveland had some of his worst outings on tape of his entire college career. Huge red flag. With NFL talent much more stout than that of college, I will take a hard pass on Ezra Cleveland at 30.

Honorable Mention: Jordan Love – Utah St QB, Cole Kmet – Notre Dame TE


Round 2 Pick 62: Jalen Hurts QB Oklahomau

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A number of draft experts have come out and said that Jalen Hurts will not last past the second round. For the record, I am keeping an open mind to the Packers selecting a quarterback early in the 2020 draft, but it has to be a good value to make sense. For Green Bay, drafting Hurts in the second round is not a good value, and therefore does not make sense.

To his credit, Hurts is a great character guy. He is a winning quarterback who could beat the opposing defense as a passer and a runner in college. Hurts clearly does not possess the athletic ability to be the effective runner he was in college at the next level. Everyone is a great athlete in the NFL. He will have to rely on throwing the football more, which is clearly not the best option for him at the moment.

Hurts makes too many bad decisions with the football. He is not an accurate enough to rely primarily on throwing the football, and not good enough of an athlete to make up for it. I see him as a career backup at best. It is hard to coach up accuracy. He may prove me wrong, but it seems as though the Packers would be wise to spend draft capital on a bigger need in the second round.


Round 3 Pick 94: Adam Trautman TE Dayton

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This isn’t a good tight end draft, plain and simple. If the Packers are looking for pass catchers in this draft, they should look to the LOADED wideout class, and stay away from the likes of Adam Trautman. Trautman is one of those players that isn’t really spectacular at any one thing. Playing college ball at Dayton, he will have an uphill battle at contributing anything for the first year or two in the NFL. Tight ends in the NFL rarely contribute much their first few years, even when they play against Power 5 talent in college regularly.

He will need to learn to better blocking technique in the NFL, being mostly limited to an in line tight end based on athletic profile. Adam Trautman is the project at tight end that the Packers do not need right now with so many immediate needs on their roster. This is not to mention the fact that the team already has a couple of project players in Robert Tonyan and last years 3rd round pick Jace Sternberger.



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