Luke Warm

Due to last-minute preparations for a two-week vacation, I was unable to catch the first half of the Packers Game. Once again, it seems that I dodged a bullet. It was a bit of a routine game for the 2018 season – Aaron Jones had himself a day, and the majority of the other Packers did not. But, it’s hard to win games in the NFL and the Packers did plenty in the second half to get the job done.

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What else can I say about Aaron Rodgers? We are now well into the season and his knee is “healthy” but he just doesn’t look well. His accuracy is most definitely off and for every dime that he drops, there’s an errant throw, a questionable decision or an unnecessary sack. This is not the quarterback we have grown accustomed to in Green Bay. I’m not one for conspiracy theories, but I just have to wonder if he’s fed up with the lack of creativity in this offense and has become unwilling to work magic to pull this team out of the hole they find themselves in…

With Aaron Rodgers being “off,” it has become even more necessary for Mike McCarthy to lean on the run game. But each game he still seems unwilling to do just that. It’s frustrating as a fan to see Jones going off during an offensive series and then on the next, see him on the sideline only to watch the Packers go three and out. Davante Adams is a heckuva player and is having himself a very impressive season. It is truly a delight to watch him run routes and juke defenders. With Adams and Jones in addition to Rodgers, there is just no reason why this team should be struggling offensively. They have the tools it takes to run a balanced offense. But something isn’t right.

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Speaking of something not being right…my goodness is the Special Teams unit bad. Yeah, we’re going to have to clean that up. Maybe that starts with moving on from Special Teams Coach Ron Zook. Yesterday was another terrible outing – even with the successful fake punt – and this has been a theme in every game this season. Brian Gutekunst does not appear to be playing when it comes to poor performance and I wouldn’t mind seeing him send a message to the coaching staff by letting Zook go mid-season.

At the end of the day, the Packers were able to turn this game into a routine, double-digit win against an inferior team at home. Happy happy, joy joy, right? I’m just hard-pressed to feel good about this team right now. A win on a short week on the road against Seattle might be just the thing to once again get the good feelings flowing. Go Pack Go!