The Green Bay Packers are in the midst of a major staff overhaul, beginning after the mid-season firing of HC Mike McCarthy. The Packers front office has since been extremely busy vetting and interviewing candidates for a number of positions. The Packers started their search for a head coach immediately after McCarthy’s firing and on January 8th they found their guy in former Titans offensive coordinator Matt Lafleur. Once they got their new HC, it was time to evaluate the rest of the staff and see who would stay on and who would leave. Multiple long tenured coaches are now no longer a part of the organization and some new faces have been brought in. Here I will give a quick breakdown of each hire made so far and how I think it will impact the Packers as a whole.

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Offensive Coordinator: Nathaniel Hackett

Resume – Buffalo Bills OC 2013-2014

Jacksonville Jaguars QB coach 2015-2016

Jacksonville Jaguars OC 2016-2018

Former Bills and Jaguars Offensive Coordinator Nathaniel Hackett is now headed to Green Bay to try to “fix” this Packers offense which looked out of sync all of last season. Hackett comes from a strong football background with his father being a former coach in the NFL and is held in high regard around the league. Former colleagues have called Hackett the “mad scientist” for his unorthodox style of coaching and especially the way he would prepare for upcoming games. Hackett has been known to lock himself in a room for hours on end devising the perfect game plan for each specific matchup.

In the past Hackett has been forced to work with some underwhelming offenses while still being highly productive. He coached the 2017 Jaguars offense led by Blake Borltes into the AFC Championship game while the Jags finished that season 1stin rushing and 5thin total offense, imagine what he could do with Aaron Rodgers running the show.

I think Hackett is a perfect fit for what this offense needs. The Jaguars entire offensive identity has been based around Leonard Fournette and the run game which I think will work perfectly in Green Bay, giving Aaron Jones the touches he needs to reach his ever-expanding potential. If he can come in and solidify the Packers run game in a way that compliments what Aaron Rodgers can do throwing the football, I think the Packers could be in store for a major offensive explosion.

Quarterback Coach: Luke Getsy

Resume – Green Bay Packers Quality Control 2014-2015

Green Bay Packers Wide Receiver coach 2016-2017

Mississippi State Offensive Coordinator 2018

While Luke Getsy may be the new Packers QB coach he is definitely not new to this organization, after being the team’s Quality Control and Wide Receivers Coach from 2014-2017. Getsy brings plenty of experience with some young energy as well, which is exactly what this Packers offense needs. In his previous tenure with the Packers, Getsy had the chance to work with some of the most talented receivers the Packers have had over the past decade. If you look at the progression of guys like Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb and most recently Davante Adams, it’s clear Getsy knows how to get the most out of his guys.

A huge factor in this hiring was to make sure they put together the best possible QB room for Aaron Rodgers to get back to playing like himself. Getsy will come in with a ton of familiarity of his QB while also bringing in some of the new college wrinkles he learnt as the OC at Mississippi State last year. With the trio of Lafleur, Hackett and Getsy I think the Packers are putting Rodgers and this offense in a great position to succeed.

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Offensive Line Coach: Adam Stenavich

Resume – Northern Arizona OL Coach 2014

San Jose State OL Coach 2015-2016

San Francisco 49ers assistant OL Coach 2017-2018

Former Packers practice squad offensive lineman Adam Stenavich is now the new OL coach for his former team, his first lead coaching role in the NFL. Stenavich spent most of his playing career bouncing around practice squads including Carolina, Green Bay, Dallas and Houston with a brief stint in the Europa league mixed in middle. The former pro got his first shot at coaching when he joined the Michigan staff as a strength and conditioning intern and from there got hired by Northern Arizona to lead their offensive line group. After an impressive showing in college, Stenavich got the call from another one of his former teams, the 49ers to join their staff as an Assistant OL coach.

Over the past two seasons the 49ers have ranked top 10 in run blocking both years while posting a very respectable 4.84 yards per carry throughout that time. Being a former player I think Stenavich brings a much-needed aspect to this coaching staff. Any player turned coach can see the field in a different way than someone who has never played the game at a pro level before. With his impressive track record and player insights I think Stenavich can bring this offensive line to an elite level.

The hirings will continue through the next few weeks as the Packers round out the staff. What do you think of the new staff so far?